Bourns Thumbwheel Pots

In eChucK, Music on January 28, 2011 at 8:24 am

Thumbwheel Potentiometer

One of the keys to eChucK’s 0.1″ spacing miniaturization is potentiometers.  We must have a better way than huge alpha pots to krank up our wholesome goodness.  These thumbwheel pots from Bourns are just the trick.  Available in quantity one at $1.24 each from Digikey, they offer exceptional breadboard friendliness.

You can get these pots in horizontal or vertical arrangement, and a few flavors of each actually.  I recommend the above shown configuration.  These pots can be located at either the center of the breadboard or it’s edge.  They have a screwdriver molding for both flat and phillips screwdrivers.

These pots are available in many values including the popular 10k and especially 100k for eChucK, and 1Meg for Lunettas.  Other values are also available.  The pots are rated at 200 turns, but they last for a whole lot more in practice.



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