eChucK Supplier: sparkfun electronics

In eChucK, Music on January 28, 2011 at 4:36 am

One company that really catches my attention espeically for eChucK supplies is sparkfun electronics.  I have yet to get my finger on the pulse of this innovative group of individuals.  They seem to be collecting the coolest miniature prototyping parts for electronic builds of all types and offering them for silly-cheap prices.  Here’s a look at a few of them.

170 tie point breadboard

Miniature Breadboards sparkfun offers the 170 tie-point breadboard for $3.95 in quantiy one, part number PRT-07916.  Looking at that number, we see that we have five tie points on each node, and two such nodes per row.  So 10 tie points per row means we get 17 0.1″ pin spacings.  That’s enough for two 16 pin DIP chips or three maybe four 8 pin DIP chips.  The board lacks power supply tie points, so you’ll use some real estate up for power but that’s OK.  The total size of the board is 1.8″ x 1.4″, so a litle bit bigger than an inch and a half square in size.  Just for fun, these miniature breadboards are offered in several colors as well.

Spring Terminals another eChucK enabling part from sparkfun is part number PRT09077, a spring-terminal header.  To miniaturize eChucK we need a tiny connector system.  Hardly anything is cheaper than wire itself, so our cables are quite inexpensive, but we need a low cost pcb connector to complete the picture.  These spring terminals appear to be quite the part for the task.  They do not require a screwdriver and seem to be well suited for the task (having not tried them myself yet).

Another sparkfun alternative for eChucK is the miniature screw terminals on 3.5 mm spacing (remember, 2.54 mm is 0.1 inches).  One part number is PRT-08235.  These require a small screwdriver, and may hold more wires more firmsly.  You’d be hard pressed to find a better connector than this one for a miniaturized system like eChucK.

In addition to the parts mentioned above, there are many other interesting miniature parts with 0.1″ hole spacing, breadboard-friendly designs available at sparkfun electronics.  Have a look at their excellent collection of breadboards and LEDs and breakout boards, plus sensors and interfaces… sparkfun offers a great price on everything they sell and a lot of it is idea-fodder for eChucK.



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